Serving CEOs, boards and private equity investors

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We advise PE investors, energize the board and CEO team to maximize the success of business transformation.

Timmaron Capital Advisors provides an “honest advisor” alternative. Our partners have actively managed companies and have strong track records of numerous successful business transformations. Here's how we help:

  • Accelerate the transformation or assessment process
  • Avoid conflicts of interest by M&A Advisors & large consulting firms
  • Apply critical expertise from a network of experienced, motivated advisors
  • Adapt proven methods for transformation planning to each unique situation
  • Quickly but carefully clarify the demands and opportunities for change
  • Not only formulate but guide implementation of the transformation process
  • Reduce the risk and increase the speed of implementation by bringing in fresh faces, relevant experience, and highly-focused team players who are not distracted by operational management meetings, commitment to the old way of running the company, fear of change, and one-dimensional thinking
  • Preserve confidentiality
  • Save time and money

Event-driven Projects

  • Investment, M&A, and strategic decisions involving new technology or market
  • Significant increase or decrease in revenue and profit
  • Infusion of cash
  • New competitive threat/opportunity
  • Use new technology and analytics for transformational leverage
  • Rethinking the strategic vision

Advise Private Equity Investors

  • Provide deeper industry content and insight; assessing market growth, product development and competitiveness; adoption rates; competitive threats to specific investments
  • Serve as cost-effective “listening posts”, reporting in-depth insight and commentary in real-time on industry and market trends, independently of industry-paid “market analysts”
  • Assess new segments to attack
  • Identify and qualify acquisition or investment candidates (quietly and gently)
  • M&A due diligence
  • Sound business valuation, independent of “claims” by sellers and deal brokers
  • Provide Pre- and Post-M&A execution support
  • Engage with senior management of M&A target firms
  • Assess investment opportunities for Sovereign Wealth Funds in the US
  • Identify opportunities for US PE firms for investment in global markets
  • Assess industry and market segments, customer and competitive strategies
  • Assess and refine business models, financial and operational models and strategies
  • Define strategies for business diversification, consolidation, transformation and optimization

Competitive Intelligence

  • Review corporate strategy, goals, key performance indicators
  • Review competitors, strengths & weaknesses, market factors, key customers, customer satisfaction, soundness of forecasts, risks
  • Prioritize recommendations for cost-effective, rapid implementation of improvement plans, monitoring and reporting
  • Assess cost-effectiveness of marketing and price optimization; recommend improvements
  • Benchmark the firm to best-in-class competitors, with respect to product profitability, market growth, and marketing investment

Board of Directors Assessment

  • Develop a matrix of current board member profiles; identifying gaps and recruiting recommendations
  • Identify and develop a board member candidate list
  • Interview/assess potential and/or existing board members
  • Review board materials: recommendations regarding formats for greater efficiency and effectiveness in board materials
  • Review business metrics and business drivers review; recommendations for reporting and monitoring improvement
  • Review agendas & time required; recommendations for improvement
  • Review annual board calendar; recommendations for improvement
  • Attend board meeting as observer to ascertain potential areas of improvement
  • Interview board members to confidentially determine their views on opportunities for improvement
  • Conduct annual performance review for board committees and/or Chairman; report results to the full board
  • Conduct compliance review with board secretary and/or legal counsel to determine if annual guidelines set out in charter were successfully achieved

Board of Directors Participation

  • Member of the Board of Directors
  • Board Observer (on behalf of Private Equity investors)
  • Committee Chairperson

CEO and Executive Team Assessment

  • Interview CEO; 360 interviews with CEO direct reports; report to the board
  • Develop a Performance Improvement Plan
  • Develop a Coaching Plan and Recruit a Coach
  • Functional assessment: e.g., Marketing, IT, R&D, Product Development, Supply Chain, Quality, EIS-Management Reporting and BPI Tracking
  • Recruit senior management